I was introduced to Craniosacral Therapy (CST) in 1990 after having both fallen down a flight of stairs and experiencing an unrelated brain trauma. From the moment of my first session, I can easily say that Craniosacral Therapy changed not only my health, but my life.

That is why in the year 2000, I made the decision to change my career to massage therapist with the core intent of practicing Craniosacral Therapy. That journey also led me to study Lymph Drainage and Visceral Manipulation at the Upledger Institute. I've stayed current with my massage licensure by taking deep massage at Conway Lauterstein as well becoming certified in pregnancy massage.

I have to admit, I'm a "school junkie" so I continue my education at Upledger so I can master what seems to be an unending list of professional goals.

I'm constantly amazed at what our bodies can achieve while working with the Central Nervous System and the curriculum at the Upledger Institute is world acclaimed. They provide cutting edge research and continue to grow their course studies so that I can bring those benefits to my clients. I'd like to say thank you to Dr. John Upledger for his life long dedication to this work.

I am beyond ecstatic daily as I watch Craniosacral Therapy produce profound changes both physically and emotionally on my clients regardless of age or ailment. After all these years, I still marvel at the wonders of bodywork and how lucky I am that I quite literally fell into the discovery of it.

I'm thrilled to pass on my knowledge and passion when I get Teach Assist classes for the Upledger Institute or participate in mini-intensive groups with other therapists.

I feel overjoyed when I leave the office and I hope that is conveyed in every treatment I give because I believe that when you truly love what you do, you're pretty darn set in life.

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Dr. John Upledger has been quoted as saying many wonderful things but one of my favorites is, "imagine the world....." One of the things that gets me so excited about cST is it's calming effect on mind, body and spirit. It truly allows you to "listen".

I am a believer in the profound power of self care and I am honored to be witness and partner in your path.